Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NoThrow Review/Giveaway

NoThrow is an online company that sells Pacifier Tethers and Bottle Tethers. Have a baby that likes to throw things and watch you pick it up? Does your babies binky constantly fall out if his/her mouth dropping to the ground and having to wash it off constantly? This would be great for you! I received 1 Pacifier Tether and 1 Bottle Tether. They worked great for me. The Pacifier Tether fit EVERY binky that I tied it to! I tried more then 4 binky brands. The tether clips to your babies shirt and then around the binky. I loved this! They have so many patterns to chose from to. The Bottle Tether was very usefull as well. At first I couldn't figure out how to tie it around his highchair. But after a few tries I got it. This also ties to strollers and carseats. The material on these tethers aer very strong and I haven't had any problems with them. I would reccomend this item to all of my mom friends!!!! 

Purchase them here:

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wild Dill Review/Giveaway

Wild Dill sent me a I Love My Planet Pop Up Lion to review. This product is Made with Rubberwood and Organic Cotton. 
When I received this item I was surprised. I thought that maybe it was a "jack in the box" type of toy. It is not. This product would look cute for decoration but it is kind of hard to close and push in the lion. My 4 year old son had a very hard time learning how this worked and it was challenging. After a while the lion started falling off of the spring, so it isn't really "popping up" much anymore. I personally wouldn't recommend this to someone with a kid. Like I said this would be a cute product to decorate a kids room with but probably  not the best toy.
This product is retailed at $28.00
 They have many more Organic Toys so go take a look.

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Tiny Tillia Review/Giveaway

About Tiny Tillia by Avon

Originally sparked by a mother's love for her children, Tiny Tillia by Avon is a world of charming baby products designed to turn everyday routines into special moments for mother and child. The softest cotton babywear. The smartest developmental toys. The most inspired nursery decor. The highest quality bath and body products. An entire Mommy Tillia line to pamper mom. There's even a cast of lovable characters like Dilly Pig and Duncan Dog who are bound to become baby's new BFFs.

Tiny Tillia sent me a few items to review. Their shipping was fast, within 1-2 days thonk. And it came very nicely packed! OUTSTANDING Customer service!

The first item that I tested out was the Baby Bathtime Tiny Tillia 3-Piece Gift Set.
The Gift Set typically costs about $15.00.

This came with:
My 4 year old LOVES it. He smells so fresh hours after using it. I am AMAZED with this product. I will be a returning customer!
This is a soothing lotion that I wouldn't mind using on myself. It smells very flowery and calming.
The diaper rash cream smelled good and most certainly took away the diaper rash on my 6 month old bottom. It is a little on the greasy side but worked well.

The next item I tried was the Kids' Cologne.
This product typically costs about $10.00.

This was an outstanding product. I was kind of afraid that this was going to be strong. It was NOT! My son loved this! He felt very "Big like daddy" when he wore it. It smells very good and refreshing! I LOVE this Cologne.

I also got to try the Mommy Tillia 3-Piece Gift Set.
This Gift Set typically costs about $18.00.
This came with:
Mommy Tillia Body Lotion- This is Paraben Free and smells powdery. It is light yet moisturizing! I have used half the bottle already!!!
Mommy TIllia Body Wash- This is Paraben Free. I wasn't really a fan of this. I didn't like the smell. To me it smelt like hand soap. And I personally like to smell pretty and flowery.
Mommy Tillia Hand Cream- This is Paraben Free also. The smell is very light. It keeps your hands very moisturized and soft. I would strongly recommend this to any of my friends. This would also be very good for anyone that gets dry hands during the winter!!!!!

I tried the Mommy Tillia Antibacterial Cucumber Melon Hand Gel.
This product typically costs about $6.00.

I am in love with this! Smells awesome and keeps my hands clean! Clinically proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria in 15 seconds I would definitely suggest this to anyone that buys hand sanitizer as this is the same thing only it has a great smell to it!!!

They also sent me a Rorsie Lion Huggable Blanket.
This product typically costs about $10.00.
My 7 month old LOVES it. He is at the age where he is picking his "Comfort" item and this is on the list of items he could possibly pick. He loves to sleep with it. It is soft and easy to clean. It is also very easy for him to hold onto!!!

The last Item I reviewed was the Pink ABC Gift Blanket.
This product typically costs about $18.00.
Now even though I have 2 boys and this is pink I still used it. I also have 2 nieces. This blanket is soft and very very comfortable! It is also very warm and easy to wash. My 2 1/2 year old niece though it was so "oft" as she would put it.

I was very happy with almost all of these products!! I truly hope you all go and check them out!!!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vitamins Baby Review/Giveaway

Vitamins baby sent me 1  Blankie Buddy to review.
The shipping was fairly quick and nicely packaged. Ashton was happy to help me open it and said it was cute but thought of it as a baby's toy. I gave it to Preston and he loved it. First thing he did was put it in his mouth. This product is very soft and cute!! The only thing about this product is its pretty pricey. For a pack of 2 blanket buddies it is $20 and they are pretty small.
Preston loves his  Blankie Buddy ! 

This giveaway you will be receiving a 2pc set Blankie Buddy.
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Bottle Review/Giveaway

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles are intuitively designed for easier, more natural feeding. The bottle features a uniquely soft, super wide nipple that naturally flexes and stretches like the breast, and the natural shape lets baby latch on effortlessly, easing transitions between breast and bottle and allowing mom to successfully combine breast and bottle feeding. The bottle shape is simply intuitive, allowing for a more comfortable hold and breastfeeding-like closeness, while the ultra-sensitive anti-colic valve lets babies feed at their own pace, with less air, vacuum buildup and nipple collapse, which can help reduce gas and colic while feeding. Nipples are progressively staged in slow, medium, fast and vari-flow rates to meet growing babies’ needs.
This product is BPA free and also phthalate-free.
I personally LOVE this product! My son Preston is breastfed so he wasn't accustomed to bottle feeding.  I bought several bottles from stores but he would not feed from any of them.  I was becoming desperate to find a bottle Preston would feed from. Then, I finally found tommee tippee!  I decided to give it a try because I read that tommee tippee uniquely mimics a mother's nipple.   It was certainly worth the shot!  Unlike the rest of the bottles Preston absolutely refused and fussed over, he fed from tommee tippee immediately!  He also finished his meal from it with no hesitation.  I have been so relieved to finally find a bottle that he will feed from when breast feeding is not possible or convenient.  I would definitely recommend this product to any mothers that are having a difficult time transitioning their baby from breast to bottle feeding.

tommee tippee recently launched a brand new web application: the innovative free digital storybook The Day Baby Was Born™, a simple way to capture moments of pregnancy and the birth day through the gathering of Facebook posts, a selection of birthday news and facts and the collection precious memories through a pregnancy journal. So if you are pregnant please go check it out it is an awesome application!
The Day Your Baby Was Born: http://www.tommeetippee.us/mom_to_mom.php

Learn more info at:  http://www.tommeetippee.us/
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I was sent this product to review. I am not getting paid and these are my honest opinions.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Teething Bling Product Review/Giveaway

I am excited to do this review! I as you might know have a 5 1/2 month old little monkey boy who is  currently teething and I really really really coudn't find anything that he liked. As soon as I put this bling around my neck he LOVED it. I am nursing him so everytime he is nursed he pulls on my necklaces or shirt or what ever he can pull on. When I have this on when he is nursing he plays with it which keeps him from getting distracted while he is eating. If he pulls hard it doesn't break. They made the necklace with a clasp so if your baby pulls hard it will just come undone and won't break. I strongly suggest this product to anyone with a baby that is teething or nursing. They have so many kinds of bling! Necklaces and bracelets. Below is a video review I did for the product and also the links to their Facebook and their website! Hope you all go check them out!!!



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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Adorable Animals Open Top Take Along Swing by: Fisher Price Review

This Fisher Price swing was a gift from my dad. I didn't have a swing and I wasn't able to get anything done around my house with a newborn. This was a wonderful gift as my son loves the swing. He is 5 months old and still loves it and fits perfectly in it. It is very easy to take along with me to my in-laws or to a friends house. I love this swing!