Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NoThrow Review/Giveaway

NoThrow is an online company that sells Pacifier Tethers and Bottle Tethers. Have a baby that likes to throw things and watch you pick it up? Does your babies binky constantly fall out if his/her mouth dropping to the ground and having to wash it off constantly? This would be great for you! I received 1 Pacifier Tether and 1 Bottle Tether. They worked great for me. The Pacifier Tether fit EVERY binky that I tied it to! I tried more then 4 binky brands. The tether clips to your babies shirt and then around the binky. I loved this! They have so many patterns to chose from to. The Bottle Tether was very usefull as well. At first I couldn't figure out how to tie it around his highchair. But after a few tries I got it. This also ties to strollers and carseats. The material on these tethers aer very strong and I haven't had any problems with them. I would reccomend this item to all of my mom friends!!!! 

Purchase them here:

Want to win your own NoThrow Tether?
(2) winners will get to choose (2) NoThrow's of their choice!

Here is how to enter:
Must like them on Facebook and thank them for mommynaomi's giveaway:
Comment below with your Facebook name, what Tethers you would like to win and why you want to win.

Extra Entry:
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Lily Herrera .. I woukd like to win Pink With Princess because my aunt is having her first child and i would to give this to her!! Thank you!! <3


Hi, my name on facebook is Ryann Sinclair.

I love the leopard print one! So cute! Would be perfect for Ben.

Jessica Morrison

I would love the Leopard print, and the pink princess! So cute


Hey Naomi! So, Lauren McLaughlin is my name on facebook! LcMcLaughlin1@Yahoo.com

I love these, such a great idea...and I would want one because Cooper is at that stage where he is picking everything up and just dropping it on the floor! This would be perfect for his bottle, sippy cup, and even toys and would make my babysitting him much more easier! I like the blue with sports and the black and red designs!

Thanks! <3

FullTimeMommy »-(¯`v´¯)-»

Hey! My fb name is Ashley McCullough (ashuhlee77@gmail & broken322@yahoo)
I love love love the Green With Zoo Animals and leopard prints!! I think these sound great, especially with a baby who loves to throw things and then gets made when they get dirty lol.
Thanks hun <3

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